Friday, 15 July 2011

More Shows to See

So, as promised, it's time for me to point you in the direction of more shows that take my fancy... after scouring the Fringe Programme, Youtube and Twitter. (Most of these have already been mentioned on Twitter for those who follow me @FringeGuide).

Firstly, a show I enjoyed last year but didn't get to blog about was Hamlet: The Musical. Their run has finished but I am reliably informed via twitter that Ed Jaspers, one of the co-writers is showing Grisly Tales From Tumble Water at The Pleasance. Well worth a look as I'm sure it'll be of a similar standard to Hamlet TM which I thought was great.

Staying on the musical theme, Fresher The Musical looks right up my street. A nice light-hearted subject wrapped up with musical comedy... I don't know much about it but it has a lot of potential and I will try and get along and see it.

Next, I couldn't let the blog go by without mentioning Doug Segal, mentalist and funny man. Any act looking to promote themselves on Twitter should follow this guy's lead, he's the master of flattery and he's had lots of great reviews in the build up to the fringe including from Fringe Guru and Fringe Review. His show revolves around subliminal messages and mind control, yes like that dude on Channel 4 that I'm sure he's fed up of being compared to. He's well worth following on Twitter and I'm sure he will also be worth seeing live. The bad news is he's only on for the first 10 days of the Fringe, finishing up on the 13th August so get in quick! Also, did I mention he's free!

I saw Desiree Burch at Shaggers last year and she stole the show. Her show 52 Man Pick Up will I'm sure, be filthy and fabulous. Definately a great "Girls Night Out" Fringe show.

Another great up and coming female act is Diane Spencer. Simply a great stand up who is relatively new to the scene and seems to be picking up lots of hype. I've only seen her do a short set but would love to see more!

For kids, two shows, Potted Potter has been recommended to me by a friend with two young boys. They've been to see them several years running and love it. I also saw Little Howard a few years ago when he had a show that was more suited to adults (although kid friendly). He's on CBBC now, (which I don't watch) but live both Big and Little Howard were excellent and I'm sure they still will be!

Finally, I made a bold prediction on Twitter.... If the Edinburgh Comedy Awards don't stick to a straight stand up "soon to be seen on Live at the Apollo" type act then Colin Hoult will be in with a great shout of winning an award. I've seen lots of hype about his show and after seeing him last year I know why. He's a masterful comedy performer with more crazy surprises than Glenn Mulcaire's notebook and an incredible knack for performing infectious songs and getting the audience involved. Go and see his show!

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