Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stewart Lee Agrees With Me!

So, it seems like Stewart Lee has read my blog!

Having seen me compare the big four venues to a supermarket, he's only gone and called one of them Tesco and told people to visit The Stand and the Free Festival in his article in the Guardian. Feckin' Plagiarist!

Of course, I'm kidding! It's actually the other way around... I've read Stewart Lee's opinions before and it was his previously expressed opinions along with those of many other comics I have spoken to and agreed with that helped me form the opinion in the last blog.... But it is almost as if he's just taken all my examples and rewritten what I said in far far wittier prose and said "There you go amateur... that's how you should have written it".

As has been established in the comments section of my last blog, the acts performing in the Big Four venues should not be boycotted and if anyone takes your fancy and they are performing there, you should go and see them! (Another thing Lee agrees with me about).

But the idea that there is a "New Alternative" out there is really picking up steam (See Bernard O'Leary's feature in The Skinny for more Stewart Lee and More about the Alternative Fringe) and I see the increasing popularity of the two big Free Festivals, along with the Alternative Fringe and the increase in the power of The Stand and their associated venues as a very positive shift.

Having said all that, in my next post, I'm going to go crazy for a show at the Gilded Balloon, that you MUST, MUST, MUST see....

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