Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Trap's "Bad Musical"

I've been going to see Fringe shows for around 12 years now, but I've only been blogging for around a third of that time... Before that, I regularly posted reviews on the official Fringe website (it still lets you do that).

One of the first shows I went to see that really excited me was The Trap's "Bad Play". It was an absolute triumph. The guy who gave me the flyer played along by telling me that it was three guys, and they literally wrote the play on the train on the way up from London, hungover.

It took me a while to realise that it was actually three very accomplished sketch comedians/actors pretending to be shit actors who stopped mid sketch to argue with each other, the sound engineer and half the audience. To put it simply, they spoof bad theatre and the results are hilarious!

I went to see Bad Play 2 the following year and Bad Play 3 the year after that. (The fact that a quick google search reveals this was 2000 - 2002 makes me feel very old, but it seems to be true).

Now, after a 10 year break they are back... with Bad Musical! This is a show that you simply have to see.

I've not seen it yet myself, but after 3 brilliant "Bad Play's" there is no way this can be anything other than outstanding! You can get more info and see some quotes from reviews of heir old stuff on their own website, which seems to have been thrown together at the last minute in true Trap style!

As a serial blagger, I'm hoping to score a free ticket to see the show in the coming days... if I don't manage to get a free ticket, I'll be paying to see it!

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