Friday, 9 August 2013

Globophobia ****

After watching a fair bit of comedy I decided to take on some slightly more serious theatre on a recommendation from a friend.

Globophobia is a collection of monologues and two person dialogues that explore different fears which seem irrational to most people.

Throughout the hour we go between individuals, explaining how their fears manifested themselves, to couples who struggle to deal with the consequences of the irrational behaviours which result from these irrational fears.

I was particularly pleased to read in the notes that the play is written, directed and starring local talent and I was even more pleased to see how well they pulled it off.

The room is small, only 20 seats available (I counted) which works well for the intensity of the play - although I couldn't help thinking that they deserved at least a second row - I hope Sweet Venues are not charging them too much!

The acting from all the performers was top notch. They were all believable in their roles and didn't falter on what was their first performance (I'm a bit behind with my blog, I saw it last Thursday along which quite a few other shows).

I was particularly impressed by Des O'Gorman who played a slightly weird and disorganised husband, a role he's suited to if his stand up comedy which I have also seen before is anything to go by.

Since seeing the play I've noticed that they have picked up a couple of other four and five star reviews (there was at least two other reviewers taking notes when I saw it, meaning it's likely to sell out given the size of the performance space).

My only criticism, and this is personal preference more than anything else, is that I prefer scenes to be more connected than they were in this play. It really is more of a collection of short plays rather than one big performance and seems to have been written in a way that helps the actors showcase their talents more than to tell one big story.

But showcase their talents they did! As I said, the performances were great and the switching between scenes was smooth and professional. I expect they'll sell out for the rest of the run and everyone involved in the play will go on to bigger and better things.

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