Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sad Faces Threw A Party ****

This show has a simple premise. Three guys hosting a party, but there is a better party downstairs.

The Sad Faces by the looks of things are a pretty experienced sketch troupe from London, so you'd expect a pretty high laughs per minute and that's exactly what this show delivers.

They keep your attention for the full hour, it's surreal in a good way, and some of the "Icebreaker conversation starters" that people could go either way on, got more and more ridiculous as the show went on but they were a particular highlight from me.

Although I wasn't totally blown away at any point (maybe I've seen too much of this type of comedy at the Fringe), but I still enjoyed it a lot.

A very safe bet for an afternoon show. They won't disappoint.

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