Thursday, 31 July 2008

All Dressed Up To Go Dreaming *

If you were stereotyping the Edinburgh Fringe, or writing a comedy about a Fringe show, you would probably come up with a one man show in a basement, with four people watching, as a self indulgent weirdo dressed in a top hat and tails waffed a bunch of self indulgent nonsense for half an hour that nobody really got.

All Dressed Up To Go Dreaming was exactly that. To a tee. Out of the four people in the audience, three of them were in some way involved in the show. The other was me.

The charachter is a drunken socialite who goes on about how much he hates opera and quotes James Joyce to a dummy in an armchair. At the end he pulls the dummies hands and feet off.

I sat there for 25 minutes wondering if I was just a common man and really sophisticated intelligent people would get this show.... But I doubt it. It was just utter tosh.

I saw six other shows today so I won't waste any more time reviewing it.

If you have a someone that you really hate. Buy them a ticket.

It's on twice a day at 12pm and 1pm at C soco

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