Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More Free Shows....

I was going to wait until after the previews before mentioning this, but seeing as some acts have already started advertising in my comments section (good initiative guys) I'll do it now.

Laughing Horse are a comedy company commited to putting on free Fringe shows throughout the whole month.

They take over venues every year and put a show on every hour, free of charge. Here are this year's venues:

The Argyle
Counting House
Edinburgh City FC
Jekyll & Hyde
Meadow Bar
Pear Tree

They leave a bucket at the door so you can put money in as you leave - that goes to the comedians. The venue makes money through serving drinks. It's seems to be a successful formula that's growing year on year - no surprise when the average Fringe ticket is approaching the £10 mark...

For a list of shows check out:


JoLayne said...

All sounds great and probably much more reliable than most tourist guides as they are tourists themselves! Make sure you get a chance to review Carl Hiaasen's Lucky You - tipped to be the surprise sellout this year,


Colin Scott said...

Thank you JoLayne,

Having already read the book I am sure it will be an excellent play, but I probably won't go and see it as I already know the ending. (Unless of course you would like to invite me along as your guest, in which case I'd be more than happy).

I'm a big fan of Carl Hiaasen, so based on that I already feel qualified to say to others: Go and see it. It will be great!