Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Day One in Review

I saw four shows today (two freebies). It could have been a lot more if I didn't have a dental appointment right in the middle of the day.

I was planning on going to see "On The Island Of Aars" but my first show ran over a bit and I didn't have time to get back to the Pleasance for it starting. I'll try and catch that tomorrow.

I've also pre-booked a ticket for Tim Minchin which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm just hoping that I haven't spoilt the show by watching all his songs on youtube and that he'll have enough new material to keep me happy.

Other general observations:

I had a walk down the Royal Mile and had a look into C venue, walked past the Udderbelly and also spent a bit of time in the Guilded Balloon.

My general impression is that the Pleasance is undoubtedly the best place to be during the first couple of days of the previews.

They are fully up and running whereas the other venues are still putting together flat pack picnic tables from B&Q and looking like they haven't officially started. The other venues don't seem to have many people giving out comps, but at the Pleasance they practically shower you with them. They've got the best choice of food/drink - which are no more of a rip off than at any of the other venues.

On the Royal Mile I saw people flyering from trampoleens and two guys dressed as a bus giving out flyers. Good effort!!!

Roll on tomorrow!

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