Thursday, 31 July 2008

Girl and Dean ****

I saw a snippet of this show yesterday and they were OK so I thought (when I was given a free ticket) that I'd give the full show a try.

I'm glad I did. The two girl are very likeable and they have enough good jokes to keep things flowing nicely for the full hour.

The sketches are well rehearsed enough that they work well, without being too rigid and stifling the girls natural ability to look relaxed on stage.

They hinted that they were after a slot on Radio 4. I reckon their sketches would work better on TV. A polished up version of what I saw, with real actors instead of puppets and more props in a TV studio would be no worse than what's on BBC 3 at the moment.

I've been put off sketch shows after seeing a few terrible ones last year and a not so good one yesterday. But Girl and Dean have gone some way to restoring my faith in them.

3.30 in the Pleasance Cellar if you fancy something funny and chirpy.


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