Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Patriot Act ****

My first show of 2008....

The play is about a liberal playwriter who has caught the attention of the administration by writing plays condemning government foreign policy.

The government charge him under the patriot act but offer him a way out and send a representative to convince him: write a pro government play about the war on terror.

I thouroughly enjoyed it.

It was a very well balanced play, with a few funny moments, flashbacks and a lot of engaging and gripping drama. The relationships between the charachters were all very poigniant.

There were a couple of stutters as the actors got to grips with performing the show for real for the first time at the Fringe, but that's why I only paid a fiver (preview price) and I'm sure that as they relax into the roles there won't be any problems.

Well worth going to see.

The show is on at the Guilded Balloon (that's the Teviot for all you locals) at 12.45pm daily.

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