Thursday, 6 August 2009

Early Long Island Iced Tea ***

I'm not into cabaret.... and it's not the sort of thing I'd normally go and see.

Peter Straker is a great singer, with more than adequate accompanyment an a famous director buddy in Mel Smith - who I ended up sitting right next to.

There was some good audience interaction and a bit of playfulness between songs, but there was nothing outstanding or special within the show.

If you like cabaret it's certainly competent and you'll enjoy it.

I'm going to be more selective with my viewing choices today and perhaps succumb to the randomness of free tickets a bit less.

(Thank you to the lady who gave me the ticket - her husband hadn't turned up so she offered it to me - I didn't realise she'd actually paid for it herself and assumed it was a comp). I feel bad for not offering her a drink now!

Early Long Island Iced Tea is in the Cabaret Bar at the Pleasance at 14.30


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Crommers said...

I took my Mum to see Early Long Island Iced Tea as a "safe option" although I had no idea whether it was a play, musical or whatever.
Peter is certainly a great singer but I was ready to gouge my own eyes out by the end of this musical extravaganza. If you like an old queen singing old songs (albeit very well) this is the show for you. Mum seemed to enjoy it.