Sunday, 16 August 2009

Nick Mohammed in Apollo 21 **

The blurb for the show doesn't tell you much, other than it's a show about the moon landings and it's listed in the "comedy" section.

Unfortunately I didn't really figure it out. It's all very much moon related, but I just don't think he really took the theme anywhere. The show followed the timelines of the moon landings in a loose fashion but he didn't really try to go in one direction.

The show started with, and kept going back to imressions of Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins although Mohammed strangely chose to put on an accent for Collins, but use his own accent when playing the art of Aldrin).

Rather than talking about things that actually happened he chose to imagine how they may have bitched about each other then repeat his thoughts to the audience. There were one or two witty observations scattered in there but mostly it was predictable... pooing and peeing in space, Michael Collins being jealous because he didn't get to land on the moon etc.

He touched on the subject of the debunking the conspiracy theorists who try to claim that the moon landings were faked, but again didn't really take it anywhere.

Unfortunately the best part of the show came when he had a major technical problem with the projector and couldn't get it to work. This lead to some funny interactions and ad libing while the computer restarted and we got to see his screensaver.

So there is proof that there is a good comedian out there, he just didn't manage to show it in this show.

Nick Mohammed is at The Pleasance Upstairs at 16.45


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