Thursday, 6 August 2009

Hugh Hughes.. in 360 *****

I saw Hugh Hughes last year and the year before and I was almost tempted not to go again, because although I have previously been impressed, performers rarely make wholesale changes to their shows, they will always be different, but generally follow the same formula, I thought I'd enjoy his third less for that reason.

I changed my mind because I was with a female friend and girls can't fail to look at Hugh without going awwww.... and gushing. He literally has the same effect on people as a six week old puppy.

Luckily we weren't disappointed. From his unique start and right the way through the show he charmed the audience, interacting when it was appropriate but keeping the flow of the story going nicely.

Hugh has a very youthful charachter, so it was appropriate that his story was all about friendships and how they develop from childhood into adulthood and it really brought out all his best features, sentimetality, cheekiness and his fun loving nature, out to play.

He sweeps you away on a journey like no other actor/comedian or anyone else in between and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling on your way out.

It's hard to define his show. It's definately more theatre than stand up comedy - but he does engage with the audience in a way that stand ups do. He was't using props this year which gave it more of a stand up feel, but the way the show is structured still convinces me that it is proper theatre. In the end it doesn't really matter how you choose to label him and his show as long as your description has any of the following adjectives attached: brilliant, funny, uplifting, cheeky, enjoyable, pleasant......

I could go on all day but I'd just be repeating myself.... So just go and see it..... You will not be disappointed.

Hugh Hughes is at the Pleasance at 19.05


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