Friday, 14 August 2009

Rogue Males - Adam Riches *****

Mr Riches, if you are reading this, you are very lucky I have a sense of humour.

I figured it was charachter comedy rather than stand up, there were seats near the front, the room was filling up and I was by myself, so I figured I could sit at the front and be safe..... Big mistake. Schoolboy error.

There was some hilarious charachter acting in the show from Riches and his sidekicks (with the Daniel Day Lewis impressions being the highlight) but the only people who get it worse than Mr Day Lewis are the poor audience members in the front row.... which included me.

During the show I was snogged by Riches, forced to bear my (lack of) chest hair, dressed up as a MI6 operative and only avoided an unusual drinking contest because a fat guy in the audience decided to start heckling (NEVER heckle when there is audience participation in the show).

This is exactly the sort of show you'd want to go and see with your work mates. (Point out the boss and I'm sure Adam will oblige in picking on them).

Despite my humiliation I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm sure the audience enjoyed it even more!

Rogue Male is on at the Pleasance at 15.30


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