Monday, 3 August 2009

It's Almost Time!

The Fringe is almost here! Previews start on Wednesday and already you can see the city getting ready to double it's population. The big purple cow is back in Bristo Square, the Assembly Rooms are being tarted up.... Not long now.

My impending trip to Las Vegas means it'll be a lot of free shows for me again this year!

Check out the two following posts from last year which are still relevant if you're looking to do the Fringe on the cheap:

The first link tells you how to get free preview tickets.

The second link is all about Laughing Horse Comedy, who seem to go from strength to strength.

As well as the eight venues from last year they've added another six and now have 233 shows in total. You could spend the whole fringe just going ot see their stuff!

Add that to PBH Free Fringe who have 6 venues (and a much more difficult to navigate website, so I don't know how many shows they are doing in total - I think it's about 150) and you're laughing (pun intended).

Here's the direct links to the websites:

As the blog enters it's second year things are starting to progress and I've been invited to my first press event, although it looks like I may have to work that day - but it's still nice to get the invite.

I also have a comedian staying in my flat this August which should be fun. (I'm sure there will be a blatant plug for his show appearing it the blog in the near future).

Finally, after my rant about shows with terrible pretentious text in their listings, I think it's only fair to give a shout out to people who do things properly....

I've never heard of "Two Shades of Blue Theatre" but their listing for "Once Upon A Time" caught my eye. Kudos to them for summing up their show in a way that makes you smile and gets you interested. Their other shows don't look bad either:

I might come along - and if I don't make it, I hope they do well!


Anonymous said...

6 venues for the Free Fringe?

No, 19 venues. 176 shows and 3061 performances. Not only the real and original Free Fringe, but better than the Laughing Horse's cheap imitation. , or the printed programmes will be available everywhere at the Fringe.


Stueytunes (Beady Eye Theatre) said...

Hello Colin, and thanks for advertising the blog. Read some of your posts and wanted to say that forthcoming solo show
EVERYTHING MUST GO (or The Voluntary Attempt to Overcome Unnecessary Obstacles)
is NOT about the credit crunch.
Come and see it!