Sunday, 16 August 2009

Shaggers Part 1&2 ****

I've been to Shaggers three times since it started last week and I've seen some good stuff...

For thse of you who haven't read my previous posts, it's basically a show lasting 60-80 minutes with guest comedians who are given one rule: You must talk about sex.

It's a late show at the Counting House and it starts at 11.40pm in the ballroom upstairs. I don't claim to remember the names of every act on stage but there have been some seriously good ones.

Here are the highlights...

Marcel Lucont: An absolute class act both times. He's got some cracking on stage banter as well as some great prepared material. He has his own show at the Underbelly around 10pm, which I'll hopefully get a chance to see before the end of the fringe.

Dan Willis: Solid shagging stories from an experienced comedian. He's on quite regularly so there's a good chance you'll see him if you head down. If not he's got a solo show around 6pm in Espionage and he comeres "Northern Talent" in the Meadow Bar.

Lewis Schaffer: Got to gives him kudos for pushing the boundaries. He managed to get about 10 eopl eot walk out with his humour but alos provided me with the best joke to repeat to all my sick and twisted mates (which I'm not repeating on here). His show, which is definately not for the feint hearted or easily offended is on at the Counting House at 6.40pm.

Nik Coppin: My lodger for the fringe... superb compere (he'd kill me if I said anything else but it's true). He also has a solo show at Espionage at 7.20pm.

Ben Dover: Porn star, but also a pretty competent stand up judging by his preformance. Alhtough I have friends who went to his show last night and apparently a few people walked out it was so bad! Funny how comics can kill one night and die the next. Pretty good based on what I saw though.

I've also stuck my head it to the tail end of a few of the free shows when I've been drinking at the venues... Donald MacIntyre had a few good jokes, but with a tough crowd. Kai Bosh was compering a late show and had some great filler material in the 5-10 minutes I saw him. Imran Yusuf also had a great short set.

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