Friday, 14 August 2009

Success Story *****

I've had a busy week of festivalling and working which has left me with hardly any time to blog my fringe experiences so far. I've fianlly got some free time and it's raining, so here's my first catch up review...

The one thing that annoys me about the fringe is the blur between comedy and theatre. I see a lot of stand up but some of the best shows that you see are theatre shows that are funny. A well acted play with well executed funny lines can give you double the pleasure as you're seeing a story unfold infront of you rather than just retold, but you also get a decent gag to laugh at.

There isn't a guide out there for "funny theatre". There's definately a gap in the market for someone who coud list al the threatre shows that consider themselves funny rather than all out serious.

Success Story is exactly the kind of gem I look for. A great play that allows the actors to shine, without taking itself too seriously. One of the best plays I've seen is Ben Elton's "Popcorn" and whilst Success Story isn't as gory, it has many similar attributes.... Hollywood types holed up in an apartment, suddenly facing a moral dilema, not a small amount of stress and some strained relationships.

The acting in this play is top notch, particularly from the lead actor (who's name isn't easily found on a google search). There are twists in the tale, some great one liners and a real sense of escapism as you're taken away for an hour in to the lives of the Hollywood elite.

The small intimate venue of the Pleasance Upstairs also helps the atmosphere in the room.

I expect this play to get more 5* reviews as the festival progresses.

Success Story is at the Pleasance at 2pm


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