Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Heresy Project: Kill Your God ****

Be afraid... Be very afraid..... for the two comedians brave enough to put on a show with this title, let alone the content within the show.

The advertising for the show is not subtle "...makes Richard Dawkins look like the Archbishop of Canterbury" screams the poster. This show is clearly not for people with imaginary friends!

I've taken a keen interest in the god debate in recent years, so this is my kind of show and I knew it would be.

The show pulls no punches. Zero. Imagine the most blasphemous thing you can possibly think of, then add willies to it. And Donkeys. With willies. For every major religion.... So, you get the idea of the content. On to the show itself.

The show is a well presented and well prepared hour which makes good use of mulitmedia without being overly flashy and dependent on it. But what impressed me most was the preparation that has obviously gone in to preparing the dialogue itself. The two comedians did have their scripts on stage to refer to, just in case they went off track but they didn't take too many peeks so it never took away from the show itself.

What we ended up with was two passionate comedians talking about something that they believe in with a good on stage rapport as well as a natural talent for being funny.

Although there is a lot of goofiness and a fair bit of equating people they don't like to other people they don't like (Christian Voice are a bit like the BNP apparently) some of the central arguments of the atheist perspective are put across quite well, in a simplified, offensive kind of way.

So... if blasphemy is your kind of thing, go and see it. If it's not, don't.

The Heresy Project: Kill Your God is on at Espionage at 20.40


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canopenergirl said...

Hi Colin, I like your blog - thanks so much for the information! The fringe is a great laugh. I'm looking for a little advice - are there any shows that you would recommend for non-english speakers. Obviously comedy is out, but perhaps you've seen some magic, dance, acrobatics etc that would work? I've got the inlaws coming in this week and I'm desperate for them to enjoy the fringe too but confused about what would be appropriate for them. Any advice you can give would be fantastic.