Friday, 14 August 2009

Regret Me Not **

You can sit and watch someone who is clearly talented and recognise their talents, but still not enjoy the show all that much.

Andrea Dovovan is likeable and I don't know if it was that tiredness was starting to set in, but I didn't get in to the show at all.

With no-one to bounce off on stage and no audience interaction (which I admit was a relief afer Adam Riches) the show was far too one-dimensional. The costume changes took up quite a bit of time and although the charachters could have been funny, they took too long to establish.

She'll go on to do well I think. Other people in the audience were enjoying the show more than me, but it was definatley smile to yourself funny rather than laugh out loud funny.

I expect to see Andrea Donovan have success in the future, possibly getting parts in comedy acting... I don't know how exerienced she is... if this is her first Edinburgh show then it could be a good starting point for her, but she will need some new ideas to really get on... more props, people starring alongside her.... use of multimedia in the show could all help take her to the next level (Her youtube trailer for the show is decent - link below).

Regret Me Not is at the Peasance Hut at 16.45:


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