Monday, 6 August 2012

Back to Work

So, my "Fringe Week" is over....

If you've read my blog in previous years, you'll know that it's a flurry of activity at the start of the Fringe, then it starts to tail of in dramatic fashion.

The simple reason for this is that unfortunately I don't get paid for reviewing shows and I quickly run out of time and money and I also have to go back to work!

On the plus side, I've managed to see 18 shows (3-4 of them compilation shows which I'll jut sum up in one post) so I still have around 10 to review, which I'll try and do in chronological order, as well as adding in general thoughts and comments about the Fringe, so there will be plenty more to read about!

Just to quickly say that my highlights were: Max and Ivan, Diane Spencer, Mace and Burton, Bad Musical, Casual Violence and A little Perspective with Imaan... all of which I will be reviewing in the coming days.

I've managed to see shows put on by The Gilded Balloon, The Pleasance, Assembly, Underbelly, Just The Tonic at The Caves, The Alternative Fringe at the Hive, The Laughing Horse Free Festival and PBH's Free Fringe so I've spread myself fairly well across the venues this year! (Kudos to the other venues for offering more papering comps (that's business speak for free tickets) on the first couple of days of the Fringe).

After telling people to head to and support The Stand and associated venues, I've not made it down there yet, although I did make a trip into the Assembly Rooms to eat at Jamie Oliver's restaurant (which was reasonably priced with good service and a decent steak) and have a beer outside Speigeltent. Unfortunately the people I was with wanted to go clubbing rather than see some comedy!

My only disappointing moments were missing out on seeing Kunt and the Gang (who wanted to do a run though without an audience on the 2nd even although his show was due to start then and  few people had turned up for it) and Mugging Chickens who chose not to turn up for their show at all despite it being their 2nd advertised day.

I still want to see Kunt, so I may make another trip down and leave a turd in his collection bucket to exact my revenge!


Kunt said...

Colin it's kunt here, my daytime tv show wasn't meant to start until the 3rd, the venue posters managed to make it look like it was me being a diva/arsehole but I didn't finish writing it until the 1st so it definitely would not have been fit for public consumption! If I'm honest it's still a bit undercooked but it's getting there. If you make it down come and say hallo. All the best, Kunt 8===3 - - -

Colin Scott said...

Thanks for letting me know Kunt!

Will try and pop down to see at least one of your shows before the end of the Fringe!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Whilst cruising for reviews (there aren't any) I cam across this and just wanted to apologize, as we were struck by illness at the beginning of the festival. Don't worry, I can summarize what you missed; four twats prancing about on stage trying to hide from the crushing fact that our parents don't love us. There was also pie. I hope you enjoyed the festival regardless.
Mugging Chickens