Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rod is God ***

Brought to you by some of the guys from "Late Night Gimp Fight" a well established sketch troupe, this show explores what would happen if two losers started their own cult to try and make some money.

The characters are very likeable and it's very clear from their performances in lighter parts of the play that the actors are very comfortable performing funny stuff. However, when the play gets on to serious, emotional parts they show they can do a bit of that too!

My main reason for not scoring the show higher is the balance between the two. Late Night Gimp Fight are known for sketch comedy chaos and this play was always going to be a break away into slightly more serious acting but still with a fun comedy twist.

Unfortunately, I don't think the writing was quite strong enough to really nail either or both. It's a funny play with a silly subject, so I was hoping it would built into a high energy crescendo with non stop barrels of laughs (Fawlty Towers style) and it simply didn't live up to my expectations in that sense. The ending was fairly low paced.

Having said that, this is still a very good show. It has good acting, with lots of funny scenes (I particularly liked the cameo from one very famous actor) and like the last show I saw, a bigger audience will definitely contribute to the atmosphere.

You can find the show info here.

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