Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Diane Spencer - Exquisite Bad Taste *****

Taking a relatively early slot in the Gilded Balloon, Diane Spencer still has her work cut out to get the audience on side, but by god she knows how to do it!

She sparkles her way onto the stage and starts off with a wank joke setting the tone for the hour.

The space she performs in is a medium sized room, but it's snug enough for everyone to feel involved and not so big that there is a serious risk of empty seats.

So let's be clear. Diane Spencer is filthy! Her jokes are in terrible bad taste but she gets away with it better than any comedian, male or female, that I've ever seen.

Her material is easy to relate to without being hack.... She starts one section with "I don't get drunk, I time travel... I'll explain what I mean"... No one needs an explanation of what she means but we all strap in for the ride anyway and we're all glad we did. Her stories are all fluid and polished with great interlinking and classic call backs.

I've never seen an act that is so ready for TV that hasn't been on TV yet and I fully expect to see her on Live at the Apollo in the next couple of years. She might have to tone down some material but there's enough stuff in there that would be fine on post watershed BBC and everything else is in place, she has the face, demeanour, professional attitude and most importantly the material to carry it off.

A bigger venue and more exposure surely awaits so get in and see her while she's still intimate (in more ways than one) and reasonably priced.

You can find her show info here.

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