Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trevor Lock - Amateur Sex Tape**

A few friends of mine have a phrase to describe comedians who talk about really random stuff. They call them "Badgers and Jam" comedians. Ross Noble is a perfect example, he goes off at tangents and randomly starts talking about squirrels during a piece of material that has nothing to do with squirrels.

Trevor Lock definitely falls into the badgers and jam category. He goes wildly off course all the time making weird and random observations.

I have a lot of friends who like him and I was told by several people to go and see him. It turns out that I have seen him before, doing a guest spot and he didn't go down well there either.... But I didn't realise that until after the show started.

I was a little disappointed when I arrived and the place was fairly empty (this was a preview show over a week ago so hopefully it's filling up better now) and Lock admitted that the audience was mainly made up of his mates and his flyering team.

He quickly started his show and then quickly went off on a tangent.... "My grandad was scared of flying... and worms... not flying worms, he wasn't scared of flying and worms ,he was just scared of flying and also worms, I don't think he ever saw any flying worms... or maybe he did I don't know, can woms fly?"

Some people really like this type of humour. I don't. I think it's important which you score a show, you give an honest evaluation of how much you enjoyed it. I had a couple of laughs, but I can honestly say I wanted to leave half way through.

Others will enjoy the show a lot more and when I see 4 star reviews for him I won't be surprised because I know there is a lot of demand for that type of thing and I know he has a good reputation. I just don't understand why.

Whether the low score says more about me than the act I'll leave for other people to decide.

Show info here.

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