Thursday, 16 August 2012

Max and Ivan Are... Con Artists *****

I like to see new shows when I go to the Fringe so I generally don't go and see stuff I have seen before, but now and again, when an opportunity to see an act I've enjoyed before for not very much money presents itself, I go for it and enjoy a nice safe hour!

So when I came out of a show and realised I had about an hour and forty-five minutes before I had to leave... and Max and Ivan were on in twenty at the preview price of £5, I decided what the hell!

After seeing them last year, I knew what I was in for... an hour of fast paced comedy with the duo playing multiple roles and telling a wacky, funny well thought our story... and I wasn't disappointed!

Last year they tackled Holmes and Watson, this year they decided to write a mash up of all the best heist movies and fill it with glorious cliches to keep the crowd engaged and to help distinguish between the characters.

It's basically sketch comedy but instead of switching between scenes they switch between characters!

I can't really say much more about the show without starting to describe the plot so I won't go into too much more detail except to say that Max and Ivan are consummate pros! They keep their energy going for the whole hour and beyond as they shake hands with the audience on the way out, thanking people and making a point of telling them that they don't have PR so they really need people to tell all their friends about the show!

Well I do so with pleasure! I've recommended it to lots of people and if you want a safe bet in the afternoon then go for it. (I have mentioned in previous reviews how much harder it is to get the audience going earlier in the day - particularly when they may have just had lunch - Max and Ivan make this real problem disappear in an instant simply because they have such a high laughs per minute ratio).

They are very likeable, but more than anything they are just damn funny - consistently it seems - and get five stars from me once again!

Show info here.

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