Friday, 3 August 2012

Bane 3 *****

When you come to a Fringe show, you can't always judge how it's going to be set up before you go in.

Some shows have a massive production with lots of props and a supporting cast, others have more of a minimalist feel. Usually, when you head in and you realise it's just one or two people performing with no props, no sound prompts and no other showbiz add ons, think it's is going to be a bit cheap and nasty.

Unless that is, from the first minute, you get drawn in and thoroughly engaged by the performers.

Bane 3 is the third in the trilogy of "Bane" the epic adventures of a mafia hitman. Following the adventures of Bruce Bane, his colleagues, victims and a variety of other characters as he lurks through the murky world of crime, taking no prisoners and delivering asides to the audience as he goes along.

The soundtrack is provided throughout by Ben Roe on the semi-acoustic - and he is outstanding. (I play guitar badly so I can appreciate when someone does it well).

But the star of the show is Joe Bone, who plays Bruce Bane, Vicenzo the mafia goon.... and everyone else in the play. His high energy performance is something that all actors should aspire to. Not only does he differentiate between all the characters brilliantly with effortless switches, he also provides the sound effects without breaking character and adding considerably to the performance and the show as a whole.

It's funny, captivating and will leave you walking away entertained and with a smile on your face.

I saw the first Bane a few years ago and thought it was great, this performance was even better!

At this year's Fringe you can see all three "Bane" performances - Bane 1 is happening on Friday, Bane 2 is on Saturday and Bane 3 is on Sunday - Thursday.

If I had the time I'd be tempted to go back again to see Bane 2. If you've never seen it before, then make sure you catch at least one performance before the end of the Fringe.

Bane has a bit of a cult following but it's surely only a matter of time before he goes mainstream!

You can find he show details here and visit his website here.

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