Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Trap's Bad Musical ****

I have a history of enjoying "The Trap's" series of plays after watching Bad Play 1, 2 and 3 when they were up a few years ago. Now after a 7 year absence (they've since all had kids etc) they are back with Bad Musical.

The Trap spoof bad theatre, which is more difficult than you think! In order to get it right they have to deliberately get it wrong and The Trap do it with style!

From the beginning, everything goes gloriously wrong as the actors constantly confuse Edinburgh and London (in an attempt to wind up half the audience) the sound man gets his cues wrong and there's general mayhem as the actors mix up their lines and the props all fall apart.

There's not really much else I can say about the play without divulging the storyline but this is tremendous stuff. Although the actors are spoofing bad theatre, make no mistake, this is spoof comedy theatre at it's best and their timing is perfect!

 If you've not seen them before then Bad Musical is well worth a watch!

Show info here.

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