Sunday, 19 August 2012

Revill's Selection ****

I've met Paul Revill a few times this Fringe and seen him do a spot at Shaggers so I knew he was going to be a decent host and compere.

The idea of the show is that he books three different acts with two experienced comics joining him, and an open spot sandwiched in between.

My main worry going in was that a lunch time show in the Kasbar was that it would be difficult to get the crowd going at that time of the day. (It's not the worst room at the Fringe, but the bar which cuts a wedge into the space where the audience would be doesn't help - neither does the bar man who has been known to turn on the glass washer during the acts).

I needn't have worried.

Paul did a great job, doing some decent material and gradually warming up the room with some fun audience interaction. But a compilation show needs some decent acts and Jason Patterson was a great start to proceedings!

Despite arriving about a minute before he was due to go on stage, he was loud and lively from the first minute
"I'm missing the Hollyoaks omnibus for this so forget about me being funny! You guys better be good!!" he proclaimed to the audience... and he managed to keep up his energy high and got a great response from the crowd for the full set.

Next up was an open spot whose name I can't remember. He just did 7-8 minutes and his material was OK but he didn't set the crowd on fire. A bit too quiet and not enough energy.

The crowd was soon warmed up again by Mr Revill before the headline act Nish Kumar came on and he definitely deserved his spot as the headliner! He had 10-15 minutes of great material. Being a British Asian comic, there were a few ethnic jokes (which can get a bit samey sometimes) but his were original and funny and his set passed by too quickly. He's very polished and pleasant and I'd like to see more of him.

All in all a great way to start your day at the Fringe!

Show info here.

Jason Patterson's show

Nish Kumar's show

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