Thursday, 16 August 2012

Exterminating Angel - An Improvisation **

Sometimes you feel bad about only giving one or two stars to a show... I think it's important to be honest about how much you enjoyed a show and sometimes you can appreciate good acting, admire a production for taking a risk and almost pulling it off... but not actually enjoy the show much. So it's with regret that I give this show two stars.

The play is inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck’s 19th century play The Blind (about a group of blind people who get trapped and can't leave, so they have to stick around and wait to be rescued) and Luis Buñuel’s film Experimenting Angel.

The idea is that the characters are at a dinner party and they can't leave. The play is improvised each day so no two performers are the same.

The play starts off with a typical dinner party scene, casual slightly pissed conversation which often splits in to two (as often happens in real life) making it slightly tricky to follow but very realistic.

As the characters say their goodbyes and go to leave they find that they can't and so the scene continues for an hour, with conversation becoming weird, open and frank and with the odd incident disrupting the chat... And that's all that happens really.

If you asked five talented actors to improvise and act out an hour long episode of Big Brother then you would probably end up with something very similar to the play I saw.

They are very good actors and the show will be different every night (and I see they have got a good review on Broadway Baby) so you may enjoy it more than I did... But unfortunately I wasn't overly entertained and I found myself looking at the information sheet handed to me 20 minutes in, hoping I'd find something that would suggest that the play would liven up a bit. It didn't.

Show info here.

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