Sunday, 3 August 2008

Day Off

After three days of non-stop show watching, my stamina finally gave out on me - mainly due to the 7 pints of Kronnenberg Blanc I consumed at the Meadow Bar.

I was originally going to see the late show called Shaggers, but ended up staying in the bar with a few people I knew. I'll definately catch it before the end of the Fringe though!

I was also out last night and I'm going out again tonight, (to a night club rather than a show) but I'll force myself to head out of the house tomorrow and take a wander up to the Royal Mile now that we're in the full swing of things.

The previews have finished now and the money I had set aside for the festival has long since disappeared, and I also have to go back to work on Thursday, so the reviews and blogs will start to become slightly less frequent that the 6 times a day I managed last week!

I still plan to see lots more shows, but they'll be a bit more spread out and they'll mostly be of the free variety.....

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