Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Shaggers *****

It's been over a week. Please accept my apologies. If anything makes you want to stop blogging it's the sight of 195 e-mails in your inbox on your return to work!

I went back to work on Thursday, so my last chance to go out and see a show and stay out late and get drunk was last Tuesday. So that is what I did.

I was catching up with a mate and we decided that Shaggers would be a safe bet for a show to go and see before we headed off to a club.

The premise of the show is that three comedians are invited along every night to talk about shagging. Some already talk about sex in their own shows, which is fine, they can use that material. If they don't, well they just have to darn well think of their funniest sex stories and confess them to the audience.

With the acts changing every night (and me being several beers into a session) I didn't try hard enough to remember the names of all the acts that were on... I've managed to find two of them using google - Ashley Frieze who was excellent, and Tony Cowards who showed a remarkable amount of balls by telling the story of where he was when he found out that Princess Diana had died (in a Las Vegas hotel with a hooker) and also what happened when he had phone sex in his office on a Saturday (complete with a picture on his mobile phone of the stain).

The show's start time means you're always going to get the fairly drunk crowd that is neccesary for this type of show, giving it a great atmosphere.

With different acts every night, I'll definately be back before the end of the Fringe!


Shaggers is on every night at the Meadow Bar at 23.50 and it's FREE!

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