Saturday, 2 August 2008

Pluck: The Titanic Show ****

To become critically acclaimed at the Fringe, you either have to be funnier than everyone else, or you have to be doing something different. You have to be unique.

After seeing Pluck, I really admire them, because they are talented musicians in their own right and could easily settle for a a slot in an arty farty venue and sit and play Vivaldi for an hour and make money. But they are much more ambitious and above all they seem like they want to have fun.

The result of their sense of mischief and adventure is an excellent show which I think will go on to do very well.

The show is a musical about the Titanic, told through the eyes of the musicians who were on board. It's very touching but also very funny and I really like the fact that it will bring a small dose of cultured classical music to people who wouldn't normally listen to it.

The show has missed out on 5 stars for me because I think they could have taken some of the jokes further. There was only one or two small references to the film and they had a couple of perfect opportunities to poke fun out of it but chose not to. (I was waiting for a hand to appear on the projector screen like it did in the car in the movie - it would have been hilarious but it didn't happen unfortunately).

But be assured that this is an excellent show. The comic acting is brilliant. The music is fantastic, and it's a very well thought out play.

Pluck is on in the Pleasance One at 16.40


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