Friday, 1 August 2008

Tim Minchin - Ready For This? *****

Tim Minchin is freakin' awesome!

I kind of knew he would be.

He was recommended to me back in June when the Fringe guide first came out and a friend passed on a youtube link to one of his songs.

I immediatley fell in love with his songs and watched everything that was on the net and lapped it up. I also went straight to the fringe website and bought a ticket for his show, so I went in with high expectations and I wasn't disappointed at all.

Going in, I was kind of worried that I might have spoilt it for myself. Having watched stuff that was only uploaded a could of months ago from performances in Australia, I could easliy have paid money to watch songs that I'd already seen over and over again on youtube.

Luckily for me, Tim has a whole bunch of new material and it is just as great as all the old stuff I've seen on the net.

He started with a typically self indulgent Rock 'N' Roll intro followed by a bit of stand up before he eventually sat down at the piano and did his stuff.

Every song was superb. I particularly liked the one about his wife... and the five minute stand up routine which followed - explaining that his wife doesn't mind him writing funny songs about her because her sense of humour is even more twisted.... I've said too much already, but it's hilarious! He also alludes to a certain journalist who gave him a one star review during his first year at the fringe. The song is called "Forgiveness".

If you want to know more, you'll have to buy a ticket. (Or look him up on youtube - I recommed "Inflatable You" as a good starting point).

I really hope he sells out his shows and gets an award this year. He deserves to be massive.

If you don't mind blasphemy - Tim Minchin is on at the Pleasance Grand at 21.45 daily.

A resounding: 5/5


Jamieson said...

Nobody deserves to be massive, Colster, for it is the most overused word in the old country. Remember, it is a transitive verb misappropriated by Jim White, Georgie Thompson, and the like, who together with inarticulate footballers everywhere, would have it as a noun. It's not a fuggin noun.

Stay with me, man.

So, Minchin, he deserves to be recognised, right? Yeah. Right. Or as they prefer round these parts: recognized. He deserves to be well known. He deserves success! He merits some kind of broader appreciation. He demands a Perrier. He requires... a glass apple.

Love your idea. I'm diggin' you in the den gradually. Keep it up. Stay fly.

Anonymous said...

Saw him for the first time on friday night and was blown away ,a very clever man who uses song and comic in a interactive way listen to the words of the songs and you laugh all night.could do with the show being a little longer say 1 1/2 hours the 1 hr soon passes but leaves you wanting more,well done Tim