Saturday, 2 August 2008

Tommy and the Weeks - Powershow *****

My faith in sketch shows has now been fully restored.

These guys are great.

The bloke who gave me the free ticket (score!) said that they were in the same mould as the Mighty Boosh or Flight of the Conchords. I agree.

I really can't say too much about this show, because if I describe what went on, then: 1. It will spoil the show for you and 2. It won't sound funny written down.

A man falls in love with a calculator. See. Not funny. But Tommy and The Weeks make it funny. Now that's talent!

Good shows are all bout enthusiasm. These guys are really enthusiastic with bundles of energy and unlike most sketch shows, there are no moments when you sit back and think "these guys must feel so stupid doing that". I get the feeling they are actually that mental all the time.

Great value at £8.50/£9.50

Tommy and the Weeks - Powershow is on in the Pleasance Attic at 17.45


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