Saturday, 2 August 2008

Jim Jeffries - Hammered *****

Hammered is the name of the show, and Jim appeared to be hammered on stage (unless he's always like that).

Some people are funnier when they're drunk and that seems to apply to Jim Jeffries. In fact, he should write down what he had to drink before last night's show and drink EXACTLY that before every show he does. If you've got a winning formula then why deviate from it?

Jim covers all the subjects you would expect a comedian known as "The most offensive comedian at the Fringe" to cover. Religion gets a few big mentions, so do fat people, gays, optimists, Americans and pretty much everyone else really.

But he manages to get away with it. His clever approach to any controversial topic "Isn't it funny that it's OK to laugh at dwarves in films, but if you did this instead...." means that he's making the point that it's not OK to discriminate against them, but still manages to get the laugh out of the situation.

I reckon the most difficult thing for comedians to do is take on these subjects but still keep the audience on side. I think that's Jim's best attribute. He does it effortlessly and I think that's why he's become so popular at the Fringe and has managed to get himself such a decent venue.

There's nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking in the show. It's just an hour of blokey offensive go-and-see-it-with-all-your-mates-and-have-a-few-beers comedy, which is really what most people are after.

Some shows just make you smile and laugh gently. This is proper "gasp and then laugh until your belly aches" humour.

Definately the safest bet on the Fringe.

Jim Jeffries is on at the E4 Udderbelly (that's the big purple upside-down cow in Bristo Square) at 9pm nightly.


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