Thursday, 28 August 2008

Wha'choo Talkin' 'Bout Willis *****

Rumour had it that Dan Willis was the best comedian on show at the Meadow Bar this year and he didn't disappoint.

He apparently took part in four shows per day at this year's Fringe, so if he ever makes it big you can't say he didn't earn it!

Unfortunately he didn't get a single review in the papers in 2008 so I hope my little tip of the hat to him in one of my last blogs of the year will help make it up in some small way.

Like the act before him, he was relying on material that wasn't all that new (the fresh stuff was on display at his other show) - with subjects including Religion, Kavos, Spiders, The Police Advertising and Hecklers etc... picked at random from a big board by audience members.

The fact that he wasn't trying to reinvent the wheel and was happy to just crack some very decent and polished gags ensured a reliable smooth performance throughout the full hour.

Audience interation was very well handled throughout and he had some great stories about the people who had been in and heckled him throughout his 3 1/2 week run.

Looking forward to seeing him again next year!


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