Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nik Coppin: Stuff ****

After a week or two hard at work, I ventured back out for one final night of festivalling.

I decided to hang out at the Meadow Bar and check out the two prime time comedians to see what they were all about.

The bar is one of six venues hosting the "Laughing Horse Free Festival" which meant that entry to this show cost nothing!

After a slightly slow start, the show got going as Nik eased in to some comfortable material. Nothing groundbreaking. Stories about sharks and some decent gags about his obsession with comic books. He's such a fast paced comedian that it worked well and he had enough decent anecdotes to fill the hour or so that he was on.

He came across as a very likeable chap and was good enough to earn a few quid from me in the bucket that they pass round at the end.

More of a 3 1/2 than a four but I saw him give a 5* performance at Shaggers later that night so he gets the benefit of the doubt.

The run has now finished, so here's his website:


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