Saturday, 2 August 2008

Ginger and Black **

I have mentioned in my last review that the key to success is to be enthusiastic and to have fun.

Deadpan comedy can work, but it's much more difficult to pull off, especially when you're doing comedy songs.

Unfirtunately, the performers lack of smiling throughout the show was mirrored by me for most of the time.

The songs were really slow, Mr Black didn't sing, he just spoke (with an annoying lisp). Ginger at least could hold a note when she chose to sing, which wasn't very often.

Some of the songs could have been funny if they'd been at a faster pace but they were all the same and with no variety, it was just a constant drone.

The whole show seemed lazy to me.

Ginger and Black are on at the Pleasance Dome at 19.30


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Anonymous said...

Hey Colin,
There is a show called Topical Scurvy at Edinburgh City Football Club from 7th-15th that you should check out. I mention it coz I have just seen their London preview, and they have some really fun comedy songs!